Monday, 8 October 2012

Dusty Winds Of Impact

Survival, courage, friendships, and the Resilience of the Human spirit...

Dusty Winds Of Impact
L.C. Plischke

When a a broken up asteroid strikes different parts of the planet, three teens must unite to find their way back to Winnipeg from downtown Toronto. Staying at a hotel in Toronto, Darian, Alexa, and Skyler have accompanied Skyler's father on a business trip. (Darian and Alexa Cruz are siblings). But when a meteor hits just east of Toronto the teens have to find if Skylers' dad is alive, because he will know how to survive, and get them safely back to Winnipeg, and out of severely destroyed Toronto.

However he is not, and they manage to find a working cellphone to call Winnipeg and see if Darian, and Alexa's parents are still alive, and see how Winnipeg is faring. The lucky teens now have a purpose and eventually through different modes of transport manage to get to Winnipeg, only to find that Darian, and Alexa's mother is on her death bed, due to possible internal injuries. To top it all off their father has left to Toronto to find the three of them. The next day their mother dies but she has a plan to ensure their survival. Skyler, Alexa, Darian, Sebastian, and Nikkita (Darian and Alexa's two younger siblings that they are reunited with) are to go to Mexico where the Cruz family have Grand Parents. Mexico has been hit very little by the asteroid and still has a government. The story ends when the Cruz family, reunited save for dad who's whereabouts are unknown and Skylar, begin their journey to Mexico, towards family, and to safety.

I give this book a 6.5 out of ten. The book has a staggering amount of grammatical issues and spelling mistakes, and somethings just jump in from nowhere. Making me think who is that, when did that happen? I would suggest this book for a strong mature grade five reader and up because of some parental control issues. I think this would be a good class read for grade six and sevens, especially if you teach in a Canadian school.

All in all, it was a nice quick read and I did enjoy it a lot.

Reviewed by Gabriel (son)

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