Saturday, 29 September 2012

The Fire Within

Author     Chris D'Lacey

Publisher     Scholastic inc.

 This book  is the first out of a trilogy. I had never heard of it until my mom brought the second book home. A couple of days later I was in a Thrift store looking for books when I came across the first one, so I bought it to try it out.

 It is about a young college student, who when looking for a place to stay, found a single mother(Liz)  and daughter(Lucy) with a free room. The mother is a potter to sculpts clay dragons. The girl, likes animals, but especially squirrels, so when David, the young college student agrees to help Lucy find a certain squirrel, it leads him not just to find the squirrel but to find more and more questions about dragons and their fire within.

D'Lacey is very good at describing the scene and he makes the characters sound like they've come out of a English  family home.  I found this book funny and really well written.

By K. (son)

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