Sunday, 21 October 2012


By Arthur Slade.

Mom and I each plan to review this book before we discuss it with each other.

Matthew Steelgate can't wait to go to town to buy candie, his mom really wanted Robert to go help him, however Robert doesn't feel the need. Robert wants to stay home and read too, when Matthew gets abducted, Robert can't help but think that it was his fault.

 A new stranger has showed up in town, and bought and refurbished the abandoned theatre. His name is Abram. Who is this Abram? Why would he move to a town where there is nothing but dust and dashed hopes? Is there a connection between other abductions in nearby Regina and Matthew's abduction?

As the book progresses magical things start to happen. People seem to be hypnotized and fall asleep at certain times. Abram makes a machine that can make rain, it is called a rain mill. Soon the town is green and there is hope for this years crops, but the greenness is only around the town, people in other towns still have their hopes and dreams dashed, because they haven't had rain in years. When Abram gives a lesson on butterflies at the school, everyone has dreams of butterflies especially a big one that tries to make them come with her.

Worst of all Robert's parents have almost forgotten about Matthew, and Robert feels the need to investigate further. The ending is fast paced with a surprisingly mythical conclusion.

Dust is an interesting read, if a little slow during the beginning and middle of the book. I would give this book a 7 out of 10. During the beginning, I would not have thought this book to be mythical. A good read I would suggest it readers who like reading, as I said before it is not fast paced.                        

Gabriel (son)

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