Monday, 8 October 2012


By Veronica Roth


In what appears to be a post apocalyptic world,  a new society has sprung up. The new society is divided up into five factions. Each believes in it's own virtue, each lives by it's own virtue. Candor, the honest, Abnegation the selfless, Dauntless the brave, Amity the peaceful, and Erudite the intelligent. However on one day one choice decides your future, in an almost cruel way, and if you can't decide or are incompetent or fail the initiation into your new faction you join the factionless, the outcasts of society.

We meet up with our hero Tris Prior struggling with guilt from what she did during the Erudite attack on the rest of society. Missing her parents, and wondering if she is doing things right she runs into relationship problems, all the while having to make choices, that cause her even more grief and guilt. Even though she is Divergent she soon has to start worrying about the simulations and how she might not be in control of them and herself the next time the head of Erudite Jeanine decides to accomplish something in that sick way of hers. With her relationship problems growing worse, Jeanine manages to guilt Tris into coming to Erudite headquarters to be experimented on so that Erudite can improve the simulations and make even the Divergent susceptible to the simulations.

After a big escape from an unexpected source Tris realizes that life is important, and that she wants to live it. Tris soon finds out why Erudite attacked everyone, it wasn't for power. Abnegation had been trusted with information that Jeanine wanted to protect. She didn't think the entire society was ready for it. So after a big fight where the resistance army plans to destroy Erudite and their information, Erudite crumbles.

Tris knowing that the army will be ruthless and destroy all the information says that she is not emotionally and psychologically ready to attend the battle but, instead sneaks into the Erudite compound during the assault and tries to find the information with a couple of other people. Confronting her fears and having to use her Divergence she gets caught by her own army, and worse, she can deal with the army but she is also caught by her boyfriend making her relationship problems unbearable. Labeled a traitor she talks one last time to Tobias her boyfriend and manages to sort out their problems and gets him to find the information. Finally a win for Tris.

Roth was able to finally towards the end of the book make her negative book a positive one. I was able to predict most of what would happen in the next chapters, again and again. But I did not guess the ending, the truth about the apocalyptic world and human nature rocks the book to its core. I suggest that you read this book, the ending to me was worth 500 hundred pages of stalling, and Roth has opened the story for another book. I predict there will be a third novel better than the first and second combined. I would suggest this book and especially the first book (Divergent) to grade 7 and 8 readers, and of course anyone older. This book has some violence in it. I really liked it a Insurgent a lot, especially the ending.

By Gabriel (son)

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